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You can contact Marty direct, via the website enquiry form, email., facebook, Marty Wilson Singer, booking now in to 2019.

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Marty Wilson is a true professional Singer/Entertainer with a fantastic pedigree.

He studied piano at the age of 8, eventually getting to Grade 5 Royal Schools of Music.

He was in the local Church Choir, where he was always called on to perform the Boy Soprano parts, he was diverted into popular music at the advent of Rock n Roll, and when his father purchased his first electric guitar, Marty found out where his passion lay.

He taught himself to play guitar, and became quite accomplished over the years, and performs the most popular Shadows numbers in a 30 minute segment of his 2 hour floor show.

Marty learned his trade in the mid '60's Working Mens Clubs, moving into the busy Cabaret scene in the early '70's, working with many big names at the time, Bernard Manning, Bob Monkhouse, Little and Large, John Hanson, Roger Whittaker, The Pedlars to name a few, during this time, Marty worked hard at improving his stage act, and this stands him in good stead to date.

He adapts well to any age group, and can change style and genre to suit and audience with ease

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‚ÄčAbout Marty

Marty also performs regularly as a 'Covert Singing Waiter' surprising guests and diners at your venue, a real wow factor for everyone.

His 'Shadows' set is with the legendary authentic Fender Stratocaster guitar, backed up with Hank Marvins own guitar effect technician Charlie Hall, Echoes of the Past settings to ensure, as near as possible the true sound.

He also uses UB Hank backing tracks, recorded in Hanks own studio in Perth Australia.

The Marty Wilson 2 hour show is well renowned in Skegness, catering for all ages.

Please ask for a bang up to date playlist

Sings from the heart